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Investment Portfolio

MindMed (2.43 -2.02%) is developing a portfolio of psychedelic-based medicines focused on helping to solve mental health issues.

They are initially targeting anxiety, ADHD, cluster headaches, and addiction. The public perception of psychedelics is rapidly changing, and we believe early research suggests they have medicinal value. We expect regulatory approval (non-recreational) to happen in the next 5 years.

Erly is a combination software and micro-warehousing solution, which allows DTC brands to provide same-day delivery.

More brands are choosing to stay away from Amazon, and spend their time on platforms like Shopify, but there is no same day delivery solution there. Erly will be the leader in filling that need.

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Ripple Foods makes a range of dairy-free food products.

Consumers are changing their perception of dairy as food, responding to the evolving fields of nutrition and climate.

There is a growing need for dairy alternative beverages, snacks, and deserts. Ripple , with their pea-based protein, already has a large catalog of products, and it's growing every year. We expect further growth in the dairy-alternative nutrition space, and expect Ripple to be in the front for branding and product innovation.

Smrt1 Technologies is a tech company that has developed a smart vending system, which includes hardware and software. Their device can be retro-fitted to older vending machines to upgrade them, or included with new machines. The business model is SaaS-based,  which shares inventory and sales live.

Palanan is developing a range of plastic-free, sustainable everyday goods for home use. They are working with material engineers on the cutting-edge, award-winning product designers, and a team of business development specialists.

Gist is an upcoming app designed to making shopping more social. It allows for sharing with friends, social proof of products, and gamification of shopping. Social shopping is very popular in Asia, and the market is currently unaddressed in North America.

Operating Partnerships

Our partnership involves operating sales and marketing in North America, and consulting on global sales.